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The new attraction STITCH LIVE! is the first of its kind, utilizing the latest real time computer graphics animation technology! Enjoy this new experience in Walt Disney Studios®Park

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Pluto et petite fille

Disney knows when children dream, their imagination runs riot and magic becomes real. And we know that nothing beats watching your child's face light up at the sight of their favourite character. That's why we have the perfect plan to make your trip to Disneyland® Paris both fun and easy for young families. Remember, kids grow up fast but the magic of Disney keeps hearts forever young.

Fun for little ones
Mickey Mouse

Come within a whisker, or a nose, of all your beloved Disney Characters. Watch their most magical movie moments, and reach for the stars!

Make your dreams a reality
rocknroller coaster

Are you the ultimate thrill-seeker? Well, you've come to the right place, Disneyland Resort Paris is not just a magical world for little children. It's a rock 'n' roller coaster ride of pure sensation with you in the front seat!

Thrills and adventure unlimited
Stunt show feu

Take the whole family on a super-fun, stress-free adventure that will fill your days with enough magic to last forever... Or at least until your next visit! Families come together at Disneyland® Resort Paris to create the kind of lasting memories that only Disney can deliver.

family Adventure
Couple au bar

Someone's birthday, your anniversary, a romantic weekend away, it's the third Friday of the month? Disneyland Resort Paris is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or event. So what's your (special) excuse?

special occasion
Terrain de golf

Feel like a wonderfully relaxing fitness trail? Some serious retail therapy? Fancy a total break from the everyday with rest, rejuvenation, recreation at the top of your agenda? Then treat yourself to some serious Disney indulgence

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School reunion, football club bash, company outing or big pre-wedding send-off. Whatever your numbers or ages, we'll make sure your group comes together to share old memories and make new ones.
If you are a group of 20 people or more and if you wish to obtain further information on our prices, please call 00 33 (1) 60 30 20 70 from the UK or 00 33 (1) 60 30 20 80 from the rest of the world.

*Note for the UK only:
If you're booking 6 rooms or more, or there are over 12 people in your group - you're entitled group rates.  Please call one of our selected groups operators below for more information:

Greatdays:   0161 928 4422
ICT :  020 7538 4627

Group visits to Disneyland® Paris

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